Wirk.Mach(t).Meeting #02

Making more of a difference together: knowing about each other and making use of synergies ! In the region around Lüneburg there are plenty of people engaged on a voluntary basis and they manage to accomplish a lot. They are full of knowledge and experiences in mannigfold areas. If they know about each other, they are able to exchange these experiences and make work much easier.

Focus: internal and external communication

The 16th of may we want to meet up, quickly get to know each other and then exchange views on the topic group internal and external communication. We will work on your questions, challenges and experiences – among others – in so-called “Murmelgruppen” (marble groups) and applying the method of cooperative consulting.  If requested, partnerships between initiatives or associations can be formed. However, after concluding the evening cozily, everybody will go home at least inspired and full of fresh energy for their own subjects and projects.

The invitiation goes out especially to those initiatives and associations that are engaged in the eco-social sector. Beyond that, voluntarily engaged people are welcome, too! Please contact us until the 12th of may via eine-welt@janun.de , so that we are able to plan. You will be able to participate spontaneously and without registration, too.

The event is a collaboration between JANUN Lüneburg e.V. in the frame of Eine Welt-Promotor*innen-Programms in the region Lüneburg, mosaique e.V. – Haus der Kulturen, the Heinrich-Böll-Haus Lüneburg and the Wandelwoche Lüneburg.