mosaique intent is to be an open space of mutual understanding of people of different social and geographical origin.  The precepts of mosaique are humanity, tolerance, openness, and mutual respect.

For us, tolerance in all areas of culture, integration, and peace among people is a priority. We want to create an intercultural, intergenerational, and inclusive, friendly place that is open to people from all over the world where everybody feels welcome. In the MOSAIQUE, every single person is welcome, regardless of their social position, geographical origin, political attitude, ethnic or religious background, health condition, sexual orientation, or gender.


We, the mosaique e.V., as well as the residents, employees, volunteers, owners, operators, users, cooperation partners, and guests of the house, are obliged under this Charter:

  1. To live in peaceful cohabitation based on mutual respect, appreciation, openness, and kindness of each and every individual.
  2. To stand against the exclusion, discrimination, and isolation of people who are seeking asylum in Germany.
  3. To encourage friendship, respect, and peace among people from all social, ethnic and religious groups.
  4. To recognize and encourage the diversity of society and to acknowledge these as positive developments.
  5. To promote equality of people of every gender and age.
  6. To refrain from any form of physical or psychological violence, and to notify the initiators and the “mosaique e.V.” in the event of a violation.
  7.  To protect the right to freedom of expression in the house and to seek intelligent and receptive dialogue.
  8. Violations of any kind which could lead to incitement, exclusion, or discrimination of one or more of the above groups will not be tolerated and can lead to expulsion from the house.
  9. To further develop this Charter in external and internal discussions that include the public, and to review its implementation on a regular basis.
  10. Violations of this Agreement including encroachment, infraction, non-observance, and non-compliance of the aforementioned precepts of peace and inclusion will not be tolerated and can lead to expulsion from the house.

This Agreement is to be seen as a basis for further contracts, and also as a groundwork for subsequent use of the house.