A big thank you for the contribution to Gymnasium Oedeme

Mosaique is an open space of encounters. A friendly place, open for humans from all around the globe and all sections of the populations where everyone feels welcomed.

Here, humanity, tolerance, openness and mutual respect are written with a capital.

During the preparation and staging of the theatre play “Andorra” (written by Max Frisch) we became aware of how important those values are for us.

Therefore, it was our heartfelt wish to donate the amount of 400 € remaining after all expenses and a small closing party to mosaique. By doing so, we want to contribute to maintain the mannigfold integration offer…

We are sure that the money is in good hands to create a more open and tolerant society.



written by: Antonia, Niklas and Noah from the performing arts class, year 12, Gymnasium Oedeme under the direction of Cathrin Teubner 

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