World Disco Soup Day 2019 in Lüneburg

For the third time the international youth association Slow Food has organized the World Disco Soup Day the 27th april 2019. In approximately 40 countries young women and men used unmarketable vegetables from local farms and prepared dinner together, accompanied by music and dances.

Also in Lüneburg we wanted to point the way against the massive waste of food and show consumers how simple it is to value food instead of wasting it.

The Lüneburger Schnippeldisko (remark= chopping disco) took place in the evening of the 27th of April at mosaique, the house of cultures, in Lüneburg. Thanks to the exceptional equipment all of the 113 kg of saved groceries were utilized and prepared. Most food was obtained thanks to the cooperation with Foodsharing and from the local weekly market. With the help of the guests and our cook Niklas we set up a great three-course menu.

Everybody eat one’s fill with salat, ofen vegetables, broccoli soup and fruit salat. We even managed to save so many groceries that each of our 30 guests was able to take some home. The remaining food was then brought to the Lüneburg Fairteiler (remark: a distributing place from the Foodsharing initiative) to give others the chance to have a share.

Author: Elisabeth Frank (translated into English)

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