Living in the “house of cultures”

My name is Sophie, I am 28 years old and I live in the mosaique in Lüneburg. I am in Lüneburg since eight years already. I came here to study and have lived in different kinds of shared flats. All of them were a great experience in their own way. So far, living alone has not been an option for me. I like being around other people!

When I came back to Germany in August 2018 after a long stay abroad, I did not really know what to do with myself so I moved back in with my mother temporarily. I think you all can imagine that this was not the real deal. Thanks to a friend I heard about the mosaique and then everything went really quick: I had a look at the flat available, learned about the concept of the mosaique and could move in almost promptly.

I really like the idea of integrating people from everywhere around the world via activities and through living. The “Saal” (the hall downstairs) is always filled with people, life and joy. Unique concerts and meetings are happening there. Also, people are learning languages together, exchanging stories and opinions and gaining new friends. The atmosphere is warm and cozy and expresses exactly what the mosaique is standing for: openness, warmth, integration and community.

Since september I am living in the maisonette apartment on top of the mosaique – and I love it! The apartment is freshly renovated and just beautiful. We have four rooms, two bathrooms, a lovely kitchen and a big living room, all spread across two floors. Especially the huge living room has become our center of life. We have already hosted cooking evenings, living room concerts and yoga lessons. Every single time new, I saw new faces. That really makes the whole thing so exciting!

Me and my flatmates really became a kind of family. It makes me really happy coming home from work in the evenings or having guests staying over for the weekend from all around the world. We have breakfast together, watch movies or plan spanish cooking evenings. There is always something going on! Not in an inconvenient way though – on the contrary! All the people who I met in the mosaique I embosom.

Every flat in the mosaique is equally balanced regarding both the share of women and men and germans and not germans. Different cultures under one roof! The exchange is huge and probably unique.

The team of the mosaique consists of so many different and great people with many amazing ideas. Not only the events take place in the Saal downstairs, also the mosaique residents are always having new ideas. We already had a “running dinner” with every flat providing a different course. All sorts of differents cuisines were present: german, indian, arabic! Also, we already had mexican evenings with burritos, clothing exchange parties, jam sessions and workshops to different topics such as yoga, mantras and chakras. The variety of events and possibilities is awesome!

For me, the mosaique is the first place since eight years, where I actually feel at home. The living and community feeling is indescribable. Especially when we have visitors. We already had people coming from London, Australia, Argentina and Syria in our maisonette apartment. Sometimes, the visitors also bring their children. Then we really have full-hourse! However, it is exactly that what I really appreciate about the mosaique. The people like coming here, you can sense that. Everybody loves the mosaique and feels welcomed right away. It is so easy to be oneself and have a great time. If I could, I would never move out!


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